My mom will need a few months of care after several surgeries and we need to apply for Medicaid. Does she still lose SSI income and her primary residence with small equity? She will not need to live in a nursing home for long term, just need a few months of care before she can come back to home. What should I do? Please help. Tom

Will she have exhausted her Medicare rehab benefit?

Medicare will pay 20 days if she is making progress in therapy. They will partial pay for days 21- 100. Many secondary/Medigap policys will pay the difference.

Have you discussed all this with the discharge department at the hospital?
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Person can keep home if they plan to return to it. Medicaid does not require sale unless person dies and then there is estate recovery, i.e., sell house to pay back Medicaid. However, someone would need to be paying to maintain the house while mom is in nh, if that's where she's going. If mom is on regular social security, that would go toward paying for her care while she's on Medicaid in nh. For SSI, which is means tested, in many states the person automatically qualifies for Medicaid. I would presume the SSI would go toward her care while in the facility, though I'm not sure about that. NH Medicaid is a different program than community medicaid, though both are needs based. If mom's income is low enough to get SSI, I'm kind d of surprised she isn't already on Medicaid. Also, if mom is old enough to be on Medicare, Medicare will cover rehabilitation in a facility for a limited period of time before Medicaid would have to kick in
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Depending on the state in which she lives, any assets you have must be liquidated before becoming eligible for Medicaid - long term or short. At least that is my understanding.

Check with an elderlaw attorney
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worriedinCali May 23, 2019
that excludes the house though. You are allowed to keep your house.

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