She currently lives in a rental. She gets along on her own with help from relatives but not requiring 24/7 care. since she is 99 years and 10 months and we are spending down her assets for some help we think assisted living would work for her but she would not have assets to pay so we would be forced to seek Medicaid coverage in the next few months in a full nursing facility. After being evaluated by Medicaid and they found that she could function in assisted living, would that be paid for - thus saving the government lots of money.

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Contact the Area Agency on Aging in the county she resides to determine the availability of Medicaid benefits for assisted living.

Is she the widow of a veteran? She may be eligible for a benefit called "Aid and Attendance Improved Pension". More info is available on this site or
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My suggestion is to first find out if your state even does a waiver for Medicaid to pay for AL. Medicaid is set up for paying for skilled nursing care and that by & large means a NH. Some states do a waiver and some don't, so it your state doesn't do a waiver then it's either private pay for the AL or get her accepted into a NH which Medicaid pays for. If they do a waiver, ask if there is a waiting list.

The framework for Medicaid was set back in the 1960's and this was eons before AL or CCRC existed by & large. They went from living at home to a NH and the usual stay was 6 months. There wasn't years & years of NH care. Waivers to divert Medicaid $ from NH to AL make sense but sensible public policy doesn't always happen.

Good luck and do some of her spend down on her funeral / burial.
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