I care for a 95 year old woman with dementia. Some days she insists on many many trips to the bathroom, She barely wets each time. Some days it's ten or more trips to the bathroom. Is this the dementia? She's been tested for UTI and it came back negative.

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Both mom and grandma do this. Grandma used to spend hours in the bathroom doing what I can't tell you. Mom spends a lot of time in the bathroom now as well. Mostly just sitting on the toilet. Mom can pee, wash her hands and then sit back down on the toilet. Grandma surprisingly has snapped out of it after about 10 years. She now does her thing and scoots.
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In my experience, yes, it is. My mother’s roommate in the nursing home did nothing but walk from her bed to the bathroom every day all day. I mean, literally. She would get into her bed, pull the covers up, push the covers off and head for the bathroom again, repeatedly. It worried my mother because she was afraid if she had to go, the woman would be in there.

I don’t think there is any answer to the why of this. It’s just part of the disease.
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