This person has a criminal record, yells at and terrorizes senior citizens, exposed himself to one resident (a couple years ago and it was not reported to authorities because she was afraid to), extorted money from one resident in exchange for allowing resident to purchase a home, fails to help residents with requests, constantly attempts to bully residents AND contractors that homeowners hire to do work. People have reached out to the owners of the park, but the owners will not respond. They think their manager is a great guy and he has convinced them that the park is just full of complaining old people which is not the truth. I have gathered residents together (about half so far) and I am going to write a demand letter (with signatures of residents) that this person be removed. I will send it certified. Any other suggestions?

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If there is an HOA then the state may have a department that regulates HOA's.
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Yeah, good old Antoine, he'll see to it..!

Yes I do realise that should have read 'anyone', Glad :)

Um. How do you know this person has a criminal record? Do you have actual evidence of his having taken bribes/extorted "commission"?

I agree with Glad - a lot of what you describe falls within the police's and APS's remit. Is there a residents' association that could contact them on everybody's behalf?
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gladimhere Oct 2018
LOL, CM. Saw your comment in my feed and wondered who the heck is Antoine! Darn kindle spell check sometimes I do not notice what it has done.
Report to police and to Adult Protective Services.

Is this a HUD development? Contact anyone that has any sort of jurisdiction over it.
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