Over the 11 years I have been a careprovider, I have come up with some ideas for making meals attractive, easier to eat and to be more ecconomical. I would like to share ideas that have worked in my home, and get ideas from others who have met chalenges in this respect.

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I'd love to hear what others say, too. This should go to the top of the list of questions, so I hope people will chime in. It's a great topic for discussions.
My own thoughts are to figure out small, special treats, nice table colors and perhaps have music on if the elder enjoys that. Don't rush or force eating, watch body language on both sides, so if the elder is uncomfortable, the caregiver can spot it, and if the caregiver is stress, he or she can breathe deeply and try to shake it off. Let's hear from the readers!
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My mom was easy to please -- I would dress up her tray with a flower, a note from me, her favorite breakfast or lunch. She loved to eat at the dining table - so would leave the tray for her there. Then I would go to work! right about when she was ready to eat (same time every day), I would call and say grace with her before she ate. She loved that, said it made her feel not so alone and very special that I would call. Made my day too! Now that she is gone, I miss our little ritual and I miss her more than words can say.
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