When my mother moved into an ALF, I made every effort to have her room feel comfortable and inviting; furnishings, textiles and decorative items which either came from her home or were consistent with her sense of style. Her health has changed and she's transitioned into the hospice program (at the same facility). One thing she absolutely hates is the "hospital bed". While she admits the side rails provide a level of comfort by preventing her from falling out of bed -- and they provide stability when she attempts to get out of bed on her own, she associates "hospital bed" with illness/incapacity and she just doesn't like it one bit. I investigated one of the articulating beds for home use (think Craftmatic)... but they don't have the ability to be completely raised or lowered.

Do any companies make attractive covers for hospital bed headboards and footboards? I'm hoping if the bed looks less institutional, she won't find it so objectionable.

(It could be argued that a person in hospice care has greater concerns, but I believe one's environment plays a key role in their attitude and emotional wellbeing -- both factoring into the quality of life)

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If you, or someone you know can sew, and there are no buttons or controls that you would be covering, you could make some simple slip covers pretty darn easy!
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That's a great idea from NYD - just check there won't be any problem with fire regulations. If they do get snotty about fire retardant fabrics only, there must be some 'throws' that would still qualify and have the right labels.

The only other thing I can suggest is finding the name of the bed manufacturer - it'll be on it somewhere, even if you have to scrabble around underneath or on the floor to look for it - then going online to ask them if they know of anything prettier that fits their beds!
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You can get some fabric that blends with your mother's decor and drape it over the areas you want to cover and secure it with pins. Easy to change and to remove and wash.
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