Am I responsible for, and can you make an appeal to Medicare after 9 month of receiving a denied bill from an ambulance service?


I received and ambulance bill about 9 months after I received the service. The ambulance company said that the bill was denied and the just received the denied answer. They lied they received the answer within 2 weeks but they didn’t send me the bill for 9 months and now that is passed the appeal process who should pay and what do I need to do?

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This is what I found regarding Medicare and ambulance service.
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Medicare has established a given time within which to appeal; that period begins running either from the date of the Medicare benefits notice or mailing date - I don't recall which now.

How do you know that the ambulance service received a denial within 2 weeks? That would be an unusually quick time for Medicare claim processing, unless the denial occurred close to the time Medicare sent out the benefit notice.

What did the Medicare notice indicate about payment? If you received an EOB with a nonpayment notation, the appeal period would run from that Medicare notice.
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