OMG!!! I am SOOOO furious right now!

So... after MONTHS of planning and thinking that this "church person" would be such a great fit for my Dad, she's NOWHERE to be found!

I gave her a schedule a MONTH in advance!! I have an app for her to clock in (that notifies me if she's more than 15 minutes late clocking in), and she won't pick up the phone!!!!!

So... my peace of mind is shot to SH**!!! I was supposed to work the second job tonight (to recover from the major expenses I incurred retrofitting the house for Dad), and now I have to call out because she won't answer the phone!!

I'M FREAKING OUT!!! I DEPENDED on that piece of the puzzle working out. I HATE agencies and have had bad luck with finding a reputable private care nurse in the past.

Does ANYONE have any suggestions for where I can find someone PRONTO??

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PI**ED OFF! She is so fired and no longer my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had a LONG... STERN... conversation with her and she's been doing much better.

I didn't go into this blindly. I toiled for MONTHS on what would work best and she really IS good at care giving when she's not tardy.

I also made sure EVERYTHING was on the up and up. She has to clock in and out (with an app that notifies me when she's late). We do all of the paperwork... I pay the RIDICULOUS taxes. I had to make it clear that this was NOT a friendship thing and this was BUSINESS. I told her that I would have NO problems letting her go if she could not do the work or show up on time.

So far she's gotten it...
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JoAnn29 Sep 17, 2018
I pray that everything now works out.
Oh so sorry. I can't believe people can do this to someone. Did you say something about her being late?
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So, Tiny, lots of us here have been advising you that your dad needs a higher level of care than can be provided at home. You've resisted that advise, which has been based on many member's experience with trying to provide care at home.

I wish you well in your search for in-home caregivers for your dad. It hasn't worked for many of us, for lots of reasons. I hope that you can be the exception.

Yes, get with an agency. And make sure they understand that Dad can't fire them. Only you can.
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Tiny I know a lot of people hate agencys.. but if you can find a good one its great. We used a small local one, and if Dad's regular gal could not come the owner showed up with a replacement,,, to make sure they would get along. We never had a problem
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