My 87 year old Mother who has always been in good health started getting short of breath about 4 years ago just in the morning but she would exercise and walk and it would become normal. She had some other minor issues which were treated. However, three months ago the shortness became worse and worse. After three trips to ER and a 4-day stay in hospital she is home on oxygen not capable of doing anything basically. I give her breathing treatments and inhalers. She went from being totally outgoing and active to a totally inward focused person, can barely eat, cannot take any noise whatsoever, trouble with digestive system, etc. Been to several doctors including pulmonary. She is down to 94 lbs - I think she has given up. Is this the end - what am I looking at? I work full time and am her primary caregiver so I want to make plans for whatever she will need.

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Are you saying the doctors don't know what is wrong with her? If yes, have they ruled out issues like depression or anxiety? Allergies to a medication or food or something else in the environment? Has something traumatic happened to her that you might not know about?

Re what she will need, it would be hard for someone who has not seen her to offer advice. Decline goes in stages and at a different pace for everyone.

In general, you should assess her or have a professional (like a dr or social worker) asses her to determine what her abilities and needs are right now. Are there any safety issues like can she walk without the aid of a walker or other device? Does she bathe herself? Are there grab bars in the shower, etc.Re diet, are there certain foods she will eat? If you have more info or specific questions, perhaps if you post them, others will respond.
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