Low salt diet and high blood pressure.


My husband is supposed to be on low salt diet because of his high blood pressure. Practically everything has some salt. It adds up. Even when you get fruit and vegetables without salt. And if you have a picky eater what are you supposed to do?

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Had to go low salt in my household, too. I have found can veggies contain too much salt unless you can find the special ones that have "no salt". I have found that frozen veggies have no to low sodium.

We have tired the no to low sodium soups... yuck. We do like the low salt potato chips, in fact when we do get our hands on regular potato chips they now taste way too salty.

Breakstone makes butter that has no salt. Stay away from TV dinners, yikes the salt is through the roof. Even frozen pizza is full of salt. There are low salt peanuts.

Trying to find already made food that is low salt takes a month of Sundays of hunting. Unless you have Peapod in your area, it's an on-line grocery service and their software allows one to search for low salt products, and other products with special needs. It sure saved me a lot of searching.
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Hadnuff - you're going to have to make some changes, whether he likes it or not. Go as fresh as possible with all foods - nothing processed if at all possible, because all processing adds salt or preservatives of some sort - none of which will be good for him. Try a few things like Mrs. Dash or other herbal mixes to add flavor to meats or other dishes.

I'm not going to say it will be easy - it won't. Mom craved salty snacks like potato chips and things like that - and while she was in the NH, she began to learn which of the staff were new, and she would ask them for things she wasn't supposed to have - and they'd give it to her, not checking to see what she could and couldn't have. (She was sneaky like that!)
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