How do you help your loved one when they have to move in with roommate at the nursing home once their money runs out?


We are about 4 months away from medicaid having to step in. I realize that her memory will get worse but I dread when she has to have a room mate. She has lived alone for the last 34 years (previous year in a nursing home and the 2 years before that at an Assisted Living quarters).

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This is going to be very hard, as you already know. My mother had the same thing happen. All of her money was gone, so she had to move from her private room to a shared room. I can't say that she every was happy about it, but she grew to accept the situation. I expect you'll see the same thing.

You'll have to explain what happened and why this move is necessary. Tell your loved one that you did everything possible to keep that private room for as long as you could, but the money ran out. If you need to bring the checkbook or receipts along, do so, but only if you have to. In my experience, our elders hate thinking that everything they worked for has gone for nursing home care. But it's a reality and occasionally they have to face that. Good luck. I sympathize.
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