His two adult children only speak every few months wanting more.. I had more than he did when we married. We had to improve on this cabin to b liveable. Daughter is greedy one. He loaned her all the money to start a business. All gone now. She waited til mom dead before demanding, everything of value. I was glad it was all settled. All silve,jrewels,
Anything of value. He said what he had we could play with as we had paid them off. Neglected to mention he was still in debt. Such a tender heart literally still gave and supported two fifty yr olds that mistreat him until two yrs ago when his health got bad. I mean furnished cash constantly. My problem is she has made a complaint to state he is incompetent and I'm hiding him. Easily disproved and He is not getting medical care.????? That should have been dispensed with quickly as when investigator showed up he had been released from hospital two weeks earlier and had already had two rechecks. Doing well. I had requested home health in fall, they came regularly for two mos and we both felt no more need. This breaks my heart as I've tried so hard to not b enemy. I wrote, wanted it in writing that there is nothing like a parent's love, and I was not trying to do anything but encourage that. Daughter lives several hundred miles away We went to see them two times, and then we're told it was not convenient three times. We are waiting..... I'll load him up and go if things were different. Son won't answer phone or text. We chased him Down to give his Christmas presents. He's never given to us. I have three grown daughters that "give to us" worry about him and not deserving the treatment he receives. He truly is a good kind man. He realizes he and I are a couple. There is not a bunch of assets left. She dropped by, her words, first of July while visiting friend in al. She travels a lot to see friends. Was here two hrs. I purposely left to get lunch and sure enough went through papers in office. Three yrs ago made some illegal charges on our credit card. No doubt as items sent to her address with her pho number. We never mentioned it. We think she copied no from a bill when she dropped by then. This time called me in kitchen and demanded his Will.had tried to gain access to safe deposit box and failed. Said she was executor, I corrected her his best friend is and I didn't have copy handy. The truth.....then demanded his previous wedding rings. An old cemetary plot and his insurance papers. They had cashed them in, I've seen evidence signed by them. THEN wanted to know where I would bury him. MY GOSH HE'S VERY MUCH ALIVE. This was no more than fifteen feet away around a corner. I did not want him to hear. My answer to that should have pleased as if I outlive him he'll b buried by her mother. I can't help being nervous over state involvement. Do I need attorney? What can they do? House in both of our names.

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Im afraid you r correct i need attorney.
Thank you
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This must be painful for you because you love him. You can love him and still do what you need to do to protect yourself financially. You will grow resentful if this continues.
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I think you might want to sit down with an Elder Law Attorney and consider all the legal options available. So sad to see such greedy children.
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