Losing weight but still eating good?


My moms eats at least 100% of 2 of her meals a day now..(better than before according to my last post) my question is why does your body still loss weight? She is on hospice and is in stage 7..she doesn't walk,talk doesn't go to bathroom anymore on her own...has to use a horer on her..But lose 10 pounds in 1 month..hospice says it’s the process...I guess I am asking how long can the body hang on losing weight but still eats good?

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Mo5, it’s not easy to watch a parent go through this process. It’s almost like they’ve left before their heart stops beating. No one can say for sure the exact date and time any person will pass away. It depends on a lot of things like if they were healthy or sickly all their lives, and also if there are any other terminal health issues.

If Mom is still eating and seems to be enjoying her food, you are doing a good job making her last days or months tolerable for her. The appetite is usually the first to go when someone is in pain, anxious or depressed.

Keep us updated on Mom and we sure will keep you in our thoughts.
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