Anyone else struggle with lost hearing aids and purses of loved ones? I feel as if I spend most of my life tearing the house and car apart.

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I under this frustration as my parent seemed to lose things daily. It doesn't get easier and as I do not know more details of your experience, here is what I learned that worked for me. The important items as keys, wallets, credit cards, money, jewelry etc. can be managed if you plan ahead. I would buy a large amount of hearing aid batteries and keep them stored where you know your parent will not have access. Your stress will be lessened. Make a few extra copies of things that your parent still uses (keys?) and on the other hand, remove some of the items you do not want to land in a stranger's hand. So reduce cash on hand and remove credit cards, insurance and social security cards. Leave innocuous items like library cards, photos in the wallet and a brush, hanky etc. in the purse. Divert her attention if the purse is lost and see if you can give her another purse while telling her the first one will show up eventually. If you have P.O.A. I would also remove a checkbook, bank card as well and take over paying the bills. Missing jewelry can be an issue if jewelry of sentimental or financial value is lost or misplaced. If you open a safe deposit box at the bank, important papers and jewelry can be locked up to remove the stress of their possible loss. On the other hand, making your parent part of the process is a way to let them feel part of a solution. My Mom and I went to the bank to put away some of her jewelry, while leaving costume jewelry and a few gold items in her possession. No surprise that with her dementia, care givers in the home, and eventually a move to a facility, the gold disappeared. I hope this helps- hang in there!
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