A client of mine lives alone and asked my boyfriend and I to move in to help him out and to help with our finances. Would they lose their pay?


my boyfriend receives SSD and my client recieves an income as well. would either one of them lose their pay if we all lived together. I get paid to take care of my boyfriend and work part time right now taking care of this client.

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I can't say for sure but I will share my experience with you.

When it was determined that my dad couldn't live by himself we decided that he should move in with me. I was on SSD as well and my dad was receiving social security and money from a pension. Neither of us suffered any ramifications when my dad moved in. It had no bearing on my monthly income or his.

I know you didn't ask for any suggestions regarding this but while I'm here I thought I'd throw this out there: You work for your client part-time now. Once you move in you will be on call 24/7. Taking care of your boyfriend and your client may prove to be too much to handle. People have so much trouble and go through so much taking care of just one person much less two. Just food for thought.
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