My sister cannot do this anymore mentally & physically.

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I've used respite twice so far. The first time was a horrible experience the second was wonderful. So, my advice is yes label her clothes, yes list her items and yes she will need a TB test (within 30 days for my state) or a chest x-ray. BUT, I also recommend you talk to others who have their parent in a nursing home and see if there is one that stands out (respite is usually handled by nursing homes - if they are a good one they have a separate wing for respite).

Get the list approved by your insurance or medicaid - whichever applies.
Contact each location you're interested in.
Go to each place and do a walkthrough...unplanned. If you smell urine, feces, or depression...leave. If patients are abandoned in the halls...leave.
Look for a place where residents are taken to the cafeteria 2-3 daily. Where residents are smiling and laughing. Where the daily events are well attended. Where the aides, nurses and attendants interact with the residents in friendly, informal ways. And number one ask the residents how they like it. You'll be surprised how easily residents will tell you about their own experiences.

And the first day you take mom for respite - if you can - have a meal with her in the cafeteria - it should be clean and well ventilated and the food should be palatable. But, it also allows you to interact with the staff and other residents. It lets everyone know that you care about your mom and people will tend to look out for her more.
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If you find a facility make sure all her clothes are labeled and make a list of every item she brings to facility. Also I think they may require a very recent TB test.
Also make a schedule of her daily activities .
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If mom is under Hospice, they arrange the respite care. If mom is not under Hospice, then you talk to mom's MD about what level of care she needs. Is it Assisted Living? Nursing Home? Memory Care?
Will she be private pay or Medi-Cal?
Is she willing to go or will she refuse?
Does anyone have POA or Health Care Proxy?
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