I am not full time care taker. My friend is elderly female with anxiety and early stages of age decline. She is in need of transportation on April 17, to be at appointment in Shreveport by 1 PM -- 2 PM and transported back home. I normally help with ride but will not be available to get off work on this day. I am asking on her behalf.

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We are a Caregiver Forum. Members are from all over the Country, UK, Canada and other countries. We really have no access to services in one particular area unless one of our members happen to live in the same area or state.

I suggest you call your local Red Cross. Ours has volunteers who drive people to appts. Not sure if United Way has this service. Call your county Office of Aging see if they have transportation available. Does she belong to a Church? Maybe a fellow member could do it. If she is on Medicaid, they have transportation available. Then there is Lift or Uber. Look in the phone book yellow pages under "transportation".
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