My 2sisters and I take care of our elderly mom who has several very complex medical conditions. We do our best but it's still very hard as we each have our own homes and families to care for. This has been going on for a year and we are each getting burned out. Mom requires 24/7 hands on care, is on a special diet and is bed ridden. She is not however suffering from dementia. That requires a lot of constant cooking, cleaning and communication with each other and her multiple doctors and medical supply vendors.
Mom is somewhat depressed, understandably. That makes her critical and hard to deal with at times. I admit, we have a hard enough time keeping our own spirits up during this period of her life so it's hard to constantly cheer her up and offer distractions from her illnesses. Can anyone suggest a support group in the San Antonio area to help us get through this difficult time?

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Melanie, there are many support groups for many different ailments. Google your Mom's conditions and find a national organization such as to find support groups.

For the San Antonio area you can find dementia support here:
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