Im EXTREMELY blessed to have my 99 year old Granny in my life. My granny is a remarkable woman that still lives at home by herself and the only medication she takes is Tylenol/Advil. She's headstrong and determined to remain independent and has been pretty successful up until this past year. For the past year she's been talking about people stealing stuff and seeing stuff that we know are not real. We as a family understand that this is probably related to dementia and just try to reassure her that she's safe and usually after a little bit of venting she usually calms down and is fine with that. Her house is surrounded by relatives and family friends and she knows we keep a really close eye on her. Here lately she's been really emotional and complaining of a headache that she says is running in to her shoulder and even into her arm. We have taken her to the doctor and he did CT's that didn't show anything and we kinda came to the conclusion that it might have been related to tension. Sometimes as soon as I walk through the door and she realizes its me she goes to crying. She apologizes to me the whole time but she knows that its okay for her to vent and reminisce with me. I love my father but he is her only son and is not a very affectionate man and is lost when it comes to dealing with her emotions. As long as she isn't at harm to herself we want to keep her at home until hopefully she peacefully passes when it's her time. I'm hoping by joining this forum I can get some advice from others that have been dealing with similar situations. I hate seeing her upset and having headaches and I don't know if this is related to the dementia that we're probably dealing with and if so are there any techniques you have found successful in helping alleviate these symptoms?

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Have you tried chiropractic or massage therapy? From your description of her headaches this would be what I would do. CT scan does not look for misaligned bones or soft tissue issues.

Maybe make it a date for the two of you and have the massage therapists come to your house.

I would look for a neurological chiropractor if you don't already have one. They tend to address the body as a whole and are more gentle when doing adjustments.

I hope she gets some relief, headaches just suck.
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My grandson is on the Autism spectrum and he also has anxiety issues. When he has an anxiety attack, he will say “My stomach hurts.” This is his warning flag he sends up for help to say he is having an anxiety attack. We all know that and we all try to help him. Your granny may be doing the same thing with her “headaches”. She’s probably lived so long because she is so headstrong and stubborn. Good for her! She is lucky to have such a caring and loving family so close by. Stay in close contact with her doctor and ask about the possibility of anxiety causing her headaches. And please give her a big hug from me. 😁❤️
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