I just don't completely trust the staff in Memory Care to help my dad properly. Also the residents' apartment doors cannot be locked, so those who wander are known to enter the wrong apartment at any time & possibly take items that don't belong to them. For instance, on Thursday I hung a unique wreath on my dad's door so hopefully he would know which apartment is his. On Sunday it was gone. I asked one of the staff about it & she said she would check another resident's apartment, apparently because this resident has been known to acquire items from others. I realize they can't help it & that a certain number of missing items is to be expected. However, I don't have confidence that the staff are truly on top of the "wanderers" & the things they may take. Plus I want to observe the kind of assistance dad is getting. Hence, my plan to install a camera to monitor.

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I have install two cameras in my mom's room for a memory care unit.
But first you need to take sure your able to put cameras in, Sign needs to be posted on the door when entering the room.
They are the WYZE cameras.
I used the ones with rotation.
I have one set on her door. This is set to short video when door open and person recognized. This helps on coming and goings and if they are checking her throughout the nites.
The other is sited to her bed. This will record on any movement.
They are great and cost efficient. They can be set up to do different things. The customer support team has been great also. I had issues on one camera couldn't resolve it , they expressed mail a replacement to me. Was under warranty. I explain what I was using them in my mom's memory care room and couldn't leave until I knew they were up and running.

They have memory cards you can put them to be able to view playback.

My mom has had two falls in this care unit.
I review her care any time of day, and have called them to quick respond to her for care.
You can share your connections if you need to, but I have restrict my share only to my other sister who is providing care assistance.
I explained to rest of family this is for her safety, if they want to visit with her they can call on phone.
You can talk over these cameras but we try not to because we don't want to confuse our mom.

I want to say I feel better with these in place. I guess we can make sure that the home is taking care of our loved ones.

I hope this helps
We also put a Alexa dot in to play music for her remotely. And we can chat over that with her...
Good luck
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First, check to see if it's legal in your jurisdiction. Second, check to see if that nursing home allows for it. Third, look for recommendations for a camera.

If you have an old smartphone lying around you no longer use, that can be used as a "nanny cam".
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nature73 Mar 11, 2020
Thanks - I guess I should have said "granny cam". Looks like I have some research to do!

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