We will need this care because her facility where she lives shuts down for one week at Christmas.

I have never heard of a facility closing down for Christmas. I would wonder if this is even legal. What are people suppose to do who don't have families.
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worriedinCali Sep 26, 2019
Perhaps it’s a small care home?
When she leaves the facility for the holidays, is she going to the home of a LO? If so, you can hire a reputable in-home service to stay will her (we use Visiting Angels). If she has no place to go...not sure about that. Maybe someplace like a Resident's Inn with the help of an in-home service? Is cost an issue? Maybe it's just me but seems odd that they shut down it a group home? Maybe time to find a different facility? I agree with GardenArtist to ask others there what they do.
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Say What??!! I've never hear of anything as crazy as this before.
How old is your sister-in-law, and what kind of care does she need? Is she able to remain in her home or will she have to find other accommodations for the week?
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I would think the facility would have made some backup arrangements that it can recommend.

What do other residents do?   The staff should be able to offer some suggestions.
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againx100 Sep 26, 2019

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