I need a long term care place for my dad. He has Medicare and a supplement insurance. He not care for self. I live Kentucky he lives in Indianapolis.

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At the top of the website there is a BLUE RIBBON.  Click on "FIND CARE" and type in what kind of housing that you are looking and type in "Indianapolis, IN".  Then click on "See My Results".  I tried it and this is what has listed: 37 facilities in or around Indianapolis: ; (Copy & Paste to your browser)
37 Assisted Living Communities near Indianapolis, IN

"In order to assist you in narrowing down your search, the Indiana Assisted Living Directory features consumer reviews, photos and detailed information on services offered by each community located in Indianapolis, IN."

Medicare (and Medicare Supplemental Insurance) is for Skilled Rehabilitation facilities (located within a Nursing Home or as a "Stand Alone" facility); and pays a percentage of the person's Room & Board/Meals and for Physical or Occupational Therapy for 100 days after a person has been in the hospital for 3 nights.  It is not for Long Term Care or for Nursing Home or Assisted Living.  Your Dad needs to apply for Medicaid.

You also need to make sure that you are your Dad's Durable POA and Healthcare/Medical POA so that you can make financial and health-related decisions for him when he is unable to.  Most POA documents need 1 or 2 doctors to state that the person (your Dad) is incompetent to make decisions before the POA can be "active".  Check the Indiana Judicial website for more information about POA, guardianship and conservatorship.
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Google the local Area Agency on Aging in the City your father lives in. Get their phone number and call them and tell them what your father’s situation is. They can help you deal with finding a facility. If you can go there personally to handle this, that would be even better. It’s difficult to do these things long-distance. Do you have Power of Attorney for him? If his mind is not good enough for him to understand what he is signing, the POA will be invalid. You will have to apply for guardianship. This will require the help of an attorney.

Does his doctor know what condition Dad is in? They might be able to help you too. If all else fails, you may need to call APS (Adult Protective Services) in his city and report him as an at-risk adult.
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