I am lookin in advance for myself on places in Lompoc for assited living, is there someplace where I can find a place that I can look inside these places in Lompoc?

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Most places have websites with lots of photos. Just google their names. If you find one you like, you can always call for a tour.
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Gwennita, usually assisted living facilities have websites that show the building and pictures of the inside. Just go into the Internet and type in "assisted living [and your zip code]. A list should pop up not just in your immediate area but also nearby areas.

Or you can use the box to the right of this page that says "Find Care and Housing".

Places are more then happy to make an appointment for you to tour the community. Usually the appts are around the lunch hour so you can sample one of their meals. I think it is great that you are planning ahead. I hope you find a place that you feel comfortable with.

With more people wanting to use such facilities, there will be waiting lists now or in the future. Usually the "deposit" to be placed on the waiting list are refundable. And if you are not quite ready to move, you can tell the place to go to the person next on the list.
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