Was trying to find an agency who have care givers come to the home to help my brother. He will be 61 in October. I also need to find out the cost because he is on Medicare and Medicaid and he is also Diabetic

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Call Medicaid. They may have "in home" care. He should have a caseworker. They will come out and evaluate.

Did he go to rehab? If so, was he not offered in home care upon discharge. For no other reason than to have Occupational therapy to learn how to get around and how to perform his ADLs. He would get an aid a few days a week to bathe him. A nurse to check up on him and a physical therapist. Call his doctor and request an order for in home care. This would help until if and when Medicaid can get involved.

Since it seems your brother is on a limited income, I doubt if he can afford the cost of paid caregivers. So, if Medicaid doesn't work out, call Office of Aging. They may be able to find him some resources.
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I'm sure there are agencies listed in your yellow pages, you can call around to comparison shop. You might also want to get a needs assessment from your local agency on aging first so you have a better understanding of his needs and what you should be able to get in your location. His medicaid case worker may also be a good resource person.
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