Looking for a medical alert pendant for mom that’s waterproof, no monthly fees and will call me not 911 with a good range. Any suggestions? - AgingCare.com

Looking for a medical alert pendant for mom that’s waterproof, no monthly fees and will call me not 911 with a good range. Any suggestions?


My mom is 84 and recently fell for the first time. She has her cell phone on her most of the time but that’s not always the easiest to access in the event of a fall. I’m looking for a good, waterproof alert pendant, that has a good range (her house is big) and will call me and not 911. Oh and no monthly fees. Am I asking too much?



When I got one for my father, I researched the companies, contacted the candidates and quickly eliminated those who didn't respond quickly enough. If they don't even return my call for a few days, I wouldn't feel comfortable hiring them.

The best one I found was through a local security company, and over years I was glad I hired them. The fee was $40/monthly and it was well worth it.

When I signed up, I was able to list 3 priorities for emergency calls: first me, then EMS and I've forgotten who the third one was.

I honestly wouldn't place much confidence in any company that provides free service; actually, why would a reliable company do this for free unless it was part of a larger security package.

If there's a need, get the best one you can; I'm not sure that freebies would provide a level of service that would instill confidence.

I do recall reading here though that some governmental entities provide them free to seniors. Search in the 3 line box on the toolbar for "free medical alerts" and check out the hits.
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You're right, CW! Walmart seems to have a bunch. Is 100 ft radius enough ?
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Just google "no fee fall pendant" or "no fee medical alert pendant", there are too many to mention here and I have no personal experience with any of them as we chose a monitored alert system with a fee.
Or you might try searching the forum, others have asked about alert pendant system several times before.
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Sy, you are probably asking too much if you want no monthly fee. What you are asking for is a communication device of some sort. Do you have any communication devices that don't involve monthly fees? My landline phone, my personal cell phone and my business BlackBerry all require a monthly fee.

Your mom lives in a large house. Is it time to look at downsizing?
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Dear Syrun123,

Good of you to be looking at additional ways to ensure your mom's safety. Another option would be to install a security camera in her house like a Nest camera for you to monitor her remotely. I would check with a social worker and see what medi alert pendant options might be available. I think a nursing home or assisted living facility might also be able to give more information about a waterproof version.
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