I'm 42 and together with my wife (40) caregiving to my father for two years who lives with us.
His 74 now and has difficulties walking, which means that most of the time he needs crutches but even with them he cannot walk for long or far.

His current Dr. is about to retire and therefore we are currently looking for a replacement.

Our current Dr. has of course recommendations for new doctors but we are still not quite sure "how" to choose the right doctor. What should we look at? Our current doctor is really doing a great job but we simply don't know how to tell this for the new doctor.
Also how to handle this with my father: Should we involve him in the process completely or should we choose the doctor on our own? Which "criterias" should we look into? What makes a good doctor? At this point we basically have zero experience in choosing a new doctor because this has never been the case so far, therefore we would be happy about every suggestion.

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I'm a fan of picking the hospital you like first, preferably a teaching hospital, one that has a medical affiliated with it.

If your father's issue is one that's followed by a specialist, perhaps finding a specialist ( orthopedist, neurologist) first who he likes and is comfortable with, and then asking that doctor to recommend pcp.
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