My grandmother (84) recently was diagnosed with dementia and told to need 24hr care. She only makes $1,234/mo social security and we are awaiting for the VETS funding (additional $1k/mo). We aren't able to find any nursing homes near that price, but did find a private home with disabled senior living who could take her but we're afraid she will try to leave or fight to go home (when she remembers) and not be stopped. She has a home, not sure how to or where to go about finding someone to live-in and take care of her or a nursing service to come in and if that is considered 24hr care? We are trying to do whatever possible to keep her home and not let medicaid take it away because my grandfather built it. My father is being quickly taken down because of this stress/pressure and his health, so I am trying to find any info possible to help with the pressure... I would GREATLY appreciate any info anyone could give me! Thank you so much!

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That's tough, because caregivers are asking for $15/hr and up. If you are lucky you may be able to find live-in caregiver for that much but, I don't think that caregiver will be able to work 24/7 every day, all day for years to come.
Also, if she has just dementia and no bad behavior, sleeps at night, she still eats on her own, help with dressing in my state Wa are private homes like Residential Care Homes and sharing a room with someone else for those money. You need to think 24/7 care for $2,200 that means you need to find someone who is willing to care for your grandmother for $3/hr. Would you work for that much?
Are placement agencies all over the USA who can help you with your grandmother case.
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