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I would ask them because it is not Medicare, it is a Medicare replacement plan and I was told that they only cover emergency care, but they didn't even cover that for my dad. They did pay for 2 weeks in rehab when I demanded that they pay for medical transport because the doctor said he needed rehab after 10 days, near death in the hospital. He was in rehab for 45 days and they covered 10.

Please call the actual provider and find out what is the actual coverage.
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Medicare does not pay for custodial care at home. Many policies do not cross state lines so check before you move her in case she needs health care. You will need to check your state’s rules in case you are looking for Medicaid to pay for some care. You will need to check your states rules to see if family caregivers can get paid. It’s usually minimum wage for 4-6 hours 5 days per week if they pay at all. Check with the Area agency on aging in your state. To see what she might qualify for. Give more details on what she needs and where you are to get better answers.
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worriedinCali Sep 8, 2019
OPs state Medicaid program, if her mom qualifies and she won’t unless she becomes a resident of the state—will pay for a maximum of 80 hours a month home care.
Unless Humana offers insurance in the state your mom will be in temporarily, she will be out of the network. You should definitely call a Humana rep and discuss this and let them tell you what to do.
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