I came home from work the other day and my Mother had cut her hand. I had to take her to he hospital where she got 18 stitches and a tetnus shot.
I cannot afford to pay someone to take care of her when I'm at work and I have to go to work. What should I do? Any Ideas?
I have applied for state and federal services but I am still on a waiting list.
She has Alzheimers and I am afraid she may become a danger to herself.

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It sounds like she already is a danger to herself. Anybody could have an accident and cut their hand, but it sounds like Mother didn't call you or anyone else for help. Its the poor judgment that makes it risky to leave persons with dementia on their own for several hours.

How long is this "waiting list"? Do you have any sense of how long you will be waiting? Have you applied for Medicaid? Could you afford to take Family Leave and stay home until the services are available to Mother?

Have you talked to the good folks at your state's Aging Services? Did you work with a social worker as you were applying for services? Perhaps that person would have some suggestions for you.

This is sooo hard! Good luck to you!
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