my mother is 62 yrs old. she had one of her kidneys removed about 15 yrs ago. since then, she has had few health problems, until here recently, she has started falling, rarely gets out of her recliner, because she physically can not get up on her own. she has gained a considerably amount of weight in the past few months. it sometimes takes at least 2,sometimes 3 people to lift her enough just to get her up and into the bathroom, and needs to be assisted thru the entire process. she has started refusing to do anything on her own. which now leaves her sitting in her recliner 24 hrs day. she has no reason to get up and move around on her own anymore. last feb., she lost her "companion" then her mother who lived there with her, passed away just less than 3 short weeks later. she is severely depressed and isolates herself 100% of the time. getting her to eat is getting more and more difficult, if not impossible. she is currently in the hospital, due to a severe UTI & another type of infection. she is in desperate need of help getting into some type of assisted living facility. otherwise, she is just going to sit over there alone in her house, slowly killing herself, which is so heartbreaking. she has told me on several occasions that she just doesn't have the will to "go on living the way she is". could you please lead me in a direction, where I might possible be able to get my mother and the rest of our family some relief? it would be very much appreciated by us all. thank you so much for taking the time to read my email. I have no where else to turn....any assistance will be greatly appreciated. thank you, again....Christi M. R.

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Has your mom been treated for depression? She's much too young to be giving up on life and just sitting in a chair 24 hours a day. Get her some counseling and psychiatric help - she definitely needs it. If you can get that treated, she might be able to go back to taking care of herself and getting out of her chair. Good luck!
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Hello christi68x1,

You can search for assisted living right here on If you go to the link below you will see the "Find Assisted Living" box in the upper right of your screen within the blue box. Start your search here. Once you submit your loved ones city, state and care needs you can then speak to an experienced Care Adviser who can help you with any questions you may have.
I hope this helps.

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Ashley T.
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