Once someone has applied for long term Medicaid, is there any reason to renew or continue Family Medicaid? Or does the long term Medicaid completely take over?

I am trying to figure out if it is necessary to renew my mom's family Medicaid, we just received a paper saying we need to. But she just applied for Long term Medicaid. This is for GA state by the way, but I figure most states go by the same rules for at least this.

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Is it the situation that mom has moved into an NH Medicaid Pending?
If so, I'd suggest that you go ahead do the renewal but on each page write " applicant is now in LTC facility Medicaid pending" . Make a couple of copies as the caseworker for LTC Medicaid review may not get this in a timely manner. Mom bring already on Medicaid, should be an easy approval for LTC Medicaid but you don't want her file to show any noncompliance.

Also by doing the renewal, if there is any billing that is running behind on being submitted by vendors to Medicaid, it will be processed and paid.

Btw each state - although Medicaid is a joint state & federal program - administers its Medicaid program uniquely but within an overall federal guideline. State laws also make a very big difference in how Medicaid's MERP is done.
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