Does anyone know if you can use Medicaid with long term care? Mom has a trust but does all her money need to be spent for care? E

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E- so theres 3 different issues that may not complement each other... A trust, ltc insurance & medicaid.
Try to clearly find out IF the trust $ will be considered an exempt asset by Medicaid for your state. Contact the legal who did the trust & or see a NAELA attorney with trust documents. Trusts since they pass outside of probate are often done for elder asset planning. But asset planning is not necessarily Medicaid compliant. Some states view trusts as a non exempt asset so ineligible for Medicaid. if they have a trust, the NH may not take them as a Medicaid Pending resident as there is a good probability of ineligibility or delays by state to reinbursement the NH.

For LTC policy, ask the NH is they accept it. My moms 2nd NH would not take LTC insurance only Medicaid or private pay. They told me that the reporting required by the ltc insurance companies were just too paperwork heavy - like for details on staffing levels, provider education, etc- and not worth it as most pay such a low amount to begin with. Lots of foot dragging on getting paid.

None of this will be simple.......
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Usually, yes, you must spend down your assets before medicaid is availble and/or Pay medicaid back at some point. Check with the financial people at the facility you're considering and check info available on this site.
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