I’m visiting my mom who is in a long term care Home (which Medicaid pays for) and we are looking at her trust fund invoice with the facility. It shows a deposit of her social security, I will give a pretend number of $915. The withdrawals for room and board the past two months are $915 and $910. The withdrawal for three months ago is $1450. Why? We do not know. She does see a podiatrist, would that be paid by her trust fund? I thought she was also supposed to receive a personal care allowance but I don’t see anything here that would show that. Does anyone have experience with this and does it sound like they aren’t giving her the money they should?

We are in Tennessee. I will speak with the financial employee next week but I want to talk to her once I’m educated on how this all works.

Please ask questions if I’m not making sense above. :). Thank you!

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When you say " trust fund" what kind of account are you making reference to? I think that her on a monies would be coining into an account managed by the Nursing home?
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The maths on the monthly payments suggests that it is invoiced fortnightly and that 3 billing dates fell in one month, not 2. It may be the the personal care money is handled differently eg transferred into a separate fund (I've known that system), but there should be an explanation that will make sense. Just ask before you get too upset.
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I’m going to guess that the withdraw, from 3 months ago may have covered more than one month if Mom was admitted in the middle of the month. The statement should say the payment covers say, June 18 thru July 31.

I think i received a separate statement about my mom’s PNA.

Its always a good idea, when you have question about these things to ask. Don’t go in with the attitude that they’re ripping her off. Ask, don’t accuse.
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EBeach Oct 6, 2018
Yes, I need to ask and not accuse. Thank you for the reminder!! It’s easy to do that sometimes. She has been there for 2 years so I’ll check to see what that large charge is for and why she isn’t getting her personal money.
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