My husband is in SNF after breaking his hip. As soon as he is able to travel we want to transport him to a SNF or assisted living in Florida. What are the transportation options and cost?

I'm assuming he's in MD now, so that would be a quite a distance for someone recovering to move to Florida.

I did that when my parents were Winter Texans, my father became ill but was
uncomfortable accepting hospitalization b/c my mother would be alone in their travel trailer.   So I flew down to bring them both home.

American Airlines provided the return flight, and was very, very helpful in helping us board as both my parents were in wheelchairs, as by the time we transited to the second leg of the flight, we were running short on time.   We almost missed that connecting flight.  That was stressful, very.

If I recall correctly, I told both airlines when reservations were made that I would be returning with two people in wheelchairs.  

Given the pandemic, I would be more than a bit concerned about his exposure to others, even if they have been vaccinated.   He'll still be physically vulnerable.  But the discomfort of sitting in an airplane seat might be even more challenging.

There are special flights outside of the big airline flights, but if I remember correctly they're more costly.

Renting an RV is an option; I don't know about the cost, but at least you would be traveling at your own pace, and he would have privacy.
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A direct flight might be the best and most economical way. You would notify the airline that you would need transport to the gate. Bring your own wheelchair.
Renting a van would also be an option.
Renting a van that can secure a wheelchair is also a possibility. But he may be more comfortable in a regular seat. If you do this drive stop often so that he can get out and move just a bit to help prevent blood clots.
There are Medical Transport companies. They can be expensive. The cost can be cut a bit if you are able to wait and do a return trip that someone has already booked. You would have to be flexible with your plans.
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If he has a current I'D, able to not need a bathroom for a couple of hours, and and is able to transfer from wheelchair to chair. You can take him on a commercial flight. Use diect flights in the early part of the day and try first class. Otherwise check with private flights.

You will have to time medical labs and paperwork close to the travel date. For example, some places require a tb test. Be prepared that some places need to admit no later than 3 pm
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Sorry, this is not a question we can answer. We are Caregivers from all over the US and other Countries. You will need to contact a private Transport service in your area. Everywhere is different. I will tell you that 8 yrs agovto transport my MIL from central FL to Atlanta was going to cost $2000 for 8 hours of driving. I thought that was reasonable.

I live in NJ and this could be a 2 day trip. There will be at least one sleepover. You could rent a small RV. Maybe cheaper than a transport. Then you have a place to sleep and a bathroom. Maybe someone won't mind driving straight thru. We did it when our kids were little.
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