My father died six months ago, and my mother is all by herself all day, every day and just can't get over the death of her husband. I live in Germany, and am trying my best to help her from here. Is there any type of social worker for seniors that can help her with selling the house, having an estate sale, and just give her a little more support and motivation to move in with us. She definitely does not want to live in a home.

Its a very difficult and unusual situation, and we don't even know where to begin.


you want her to move to Germany? I don't think she would get her medicare and social security any more if she did that.
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How do you stay in touch with her? Are you finding it hard to try to keep in communication with a busy life in germany? Are you worrying that she needs to have someone watching over for her physical health or mental health?
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People on this site have mentioned trained people who do this. I forget what they are called. Someone will pop up with that answer.

Does your Mom have any friends who can help or family here in the US. Usually every county has some kind of department for Seniors. Where I live its Office of the Aging, Have someone contact them and ask if there is an organization that could help Mom with this. If Mom can still make informed decisions an Assisted Living maybe good for her. This is not a nursing home. Residents get a nice room with a bathroom that is handicapped accessible. She will get 3 meals a day, outings, activities, etc. Nursing facilities are for those who need 24/7 care and there are some nice ones out there.
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