I had a patient named Danny at Ft. Jackson, SC (I was an Army paramedic) who was diagnosed a quad but had some use of his hands and arms. One Saturday I brought him home with me to watch a couple of football games and to break the monotony of lying in bed looking out his window at the same scene and to get some fresh air and sunshine. He had a 16" by 16" by 3" gel pad to sit on which helped prevent him getting a decubitus ulcer (bed sore). The pad was completely gel filled. It had no foam or other soft material because the gel worked so well. Over the past five years I've occasionally searched for items like the pad he had but have been disappointed every time. Everything offered today includes foam or some other type of padding if it even has gel at all. I'm thinking the VA Hospital I go to might have something similar but I will need a website with pictures and a description in order for Prosthetics to search their database. If they don't have a gel pad available and someone here helps me find a site in the marketplace I'd buy one outright. Thank you so much for reading this. I look forward to hearing back from someone who knows where to find one. In Christ Jesus, Michael

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