He was nothing to her, step father. She could pay me back now, she's making good money. I'll be 80 in August need my money. Can't hear & need other things, she spends her money on her businesses & her grown kids, her baby is 21. I lost my home & everything, driving an old car, help.

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You might want to call your local Area Agency on Aging and ask if they have a list of attorneys who will counsel or represent Senior Citizens at low cost or free. Sometimes all it takes is a letter from an attorney. But like Worried writes, if you don’t have a written agreement that she would pay you back, you are probably out of luck.
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Did you have a written agreement with her stating she would pay back the money? It’s veen 14 years since you loaned her the money. It is probably too late to sue her because of statute of limitations. The statute of limitation varies from state to state and depends on whether it’s a written or oral agreemen however 10 years is maximum for any state.

Have you sat down to her & reminded her of the loan & agreement she made? And explained your situation to her and why you need the money? Hopefully she does the right thing and repays the loan.
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Hope I made sense, upset didn't think she would steal from me, raised her & her 6 kids
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