I'm worried about my parents. They dont want to sell their house but their getting to the point they cant take care of each other. My father had a seizure last week and my mother forget the address to the house. Scary. Then they couldnt find the house because it was dark. Anyway. Its been very difficult...

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I definitely agree with the list given by lovingdaughter. I might also consider getting some in-home care help.

Best of luck,
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Is it possible for you to take your parents in and take care of them? Because it seems like they need someone taking care of them.

The above poster has written some good steps for you to follow! I do hope you do that.

Also, if you do not have the time to take care of them, live-in care is an excellent option!

Hope it works out and let us know.

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1. Get POA now.
2. Contact their DR. and have them evaluated. Most hospitals have what is called a Geriatric Assessment Program.
3. Contact an Elder Lawyer who can explain Trusts and Medicare to you. There is now a 5 year look-back for funds that you want to protect.
4. Contact Assisted Living Co. in your area and see what your options are. Prices vary. Do your homework.

Keep writing to us , but give us more information. Do they live near you? Do they still drive? What other medical needs do they have and do they have money or are you and soc. sec. supporting them? These may sound like odd questions, but you need to know what programs they qualify for. Good luck.
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