Live in caregiver for my mom. Housing provider states because I have a prior eviction my screening is denied and I have to move. Any advice?


Is it worth filing a reasonable accommodation asking the property manager to modify the policy here where mom lives? I read all the disability laws and that I can file this under the fair housing act and that he has to consider my request. My mom is mentally disabled and making me move out would be very detrimental to her mental health. I wouldn't be on the lease, my income doesn't count, I have no criminal background, I wouldn't be responsible for the rent. I only was evicted 4 yrs ago because of a divorce, so financial reasons. I've lived with mom since March 1. Do I have any chance?



Kjs1963, Have you talked to the USDA Rural Development Subsidized State offices about your situation?

Here is the Home website for the USDA Rural Development:

To local the USDA Rural Development State Office for the state that your Mom lives in go to:

For information about the subsidized housing program, you might try this website:

Hope that these websites can help you. I know that sometimes you have to ask lots of different people in different offices to finally get the assistance that you need. So if the housing manager is not helpful, then go to the state offices and see what assistance they can give you. Just keep asking questions and calling different people. Eventually you might find someone to help you resolve your problem. Good Luck.
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Have your mom's doctor fill out a Disability Accommodation form.

Find out who the supervisor is.  It looks to me as though your mom may be entitled to a larger apartment for the same rent if you move in to be her caregiver.
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Kjs1963, I am sorry you are going through this. Do the USDA Rural Development people (like, a manager there or social worker or something) have any suggestions of how to move past these two I guess we would call them "red flags" on your application? Maybe besides a letter of reference from a former landlord you could also write a heartfelt yet calm and respectful letter asking that the property management firm make an exception in your mother's case on humanitarian grounds. Maybe you could include other references as well? For instance a clergy person or another social worker who knows both you and your mom, a former employer, anything.... Someone vouching for you.

I hope something like this could work, and I hope other people who are more knowledgeable will have some ideas for you.
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This property does allow live in caregivers. My thought regarding the reasonable accommodation is the policy regarding the address and eviction issues. Asking them to allow a change in their policy in this instance. Especially regarding the situation with my mother being suicidal. Is policy changes a reasonable accommodation? I have searched online for hours and can't find an answer to this particular problem
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I'm not sure what a controlled property means? I wouldn't be on the lease because being just a caregiver doesn't require you to be responsible for the rent , I wouldn't be considered a tenant, I would only be an occupant. When my Mom no longer lives at the property I would need to leave . The property is subsidized by a program called USDA Rural Development. Since this post the manager has informed me that the "questionnaire " I filled out to provide live in care for my mom wasn't even screened , it was rejected by the property managers because I don't have a residence outside of my mom's. I moved in here on an emergency basis. My mom is suicidal and I literally feared for her life if I left her alone. I came to visit from Idaho but never left and continuedstaying with my Mom because of those reasons. It's confusing I'm sorry if its hard to understand what I'm saying. In other words the property manager apparently looks at the questionnaire, or application, and has to approve it first before it is even sent off for screening, the criminal background part. So, because i don't have an address besides my mom's , he wouldn't approve it for screening. I have no idea why and when I asked the manager here at the property he couldn't give me a reason. Just kept saying it was denied. This is a life or death situation. My mom has been hospitalized several times, been in the ER 10 times this year, for being suicidal. It's ridiculous that they are being so petty. I don't know if I have a good fight or if it's pointless. So I have 2 things against me. The address situation and the eviction. Yes, I have paid rent since the eviction. Getting a letter is a great idea thank you. Any other ideas?
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We have HUD senior apts here. They allow a caregiver to live in with permission. Have you paid rent anywhere since ur eviction. If you paid on time, get something from them saying you were a good tenant.
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Is this a rent controlled property? Why won’t you be on the lease.? Some HUD properties don’t allow additional people in home for extended periods for liability reasons and lease restrictions. Reasonable accommodations may not apply if you are not the tenant.
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Well yes. It’s worth taking whatever action appropriate. I’m sorry this has happened. I’m sure it’s a hardship for both of you. I hope you are able to convince the property manager that you are not a risk to your mom’s ability to follow whatever her contract requires. Perhaps other exceptions have been made in the past that would make it easier for the property manager to make a decision in your favor. Good luck.
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