Looking for respite care for mother. Have been caring her for 10 years it's really getting to me I cant work she flips when I go out the door. I hv do chores banking groceries cook clean on and on NOOO help

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I live in St. Albert, Alberta. There are also others on this site who live in Canada. If you do not have a Home Care case manager contact your health care services and "get into the system". Once you are in the system all sorts of things open up for you and your mother. The case manager will be able to organize respite care for you if that is what you want/need and will be able to put you in touch with local support groups.

What province are living in? Each province has its own structure but they all have support systems for caregivers. You just need to know where and what to ask. The case manager can also arrange for an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist to visit you at home, maybe arrange for equipment to make life easier for you both. It costs nothing--paid for by our wonderful universal health care system.

Here in St . Albert home care also arranged for a volunteer visitor who takes my husband out twice a month for 3+ hours at a time. He also goes to an adult day care program twice a week for $10 a day to cover cost of food--lunch, snacks etc. (from 9 am to 3 pm). My husband went into respite care last month so that I could go to Ireland and England--my first break in five years. Full nursing care was subsidized and cost me only $60/day.

I also have a live-in caregiver. Her hours, plus respite care hours and housekeeping hours are paid for by Alberta Health Services to the tune of $5595/month. I am therefore able to pay someone to stay one night a week so that I can get some sleep. (By agreement the live-in caregiver only works days, I do the nights)

Please stay in touch. There IS help out there for you both.
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Most of us are in the US, but we also have a fair membership in Canada. Hang on, and some will probably tell you about respite care there.

Do you need help finding it? Paying for it? Getting Mom to accept it? All of the above? That may get you more specific answers.
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