Hi there! I need to know if anyone has had this problem and what they did about it. For the past 7 years, my Dad has lived with me and a Home Health Care agency provided 30 hours a week of housekeeping services while me and my husband are at work. Yesterday the Social Worker for Senior Services came and did a yearly "assessment," and told me first thing that she was going to cut Dad's hours from 30 hours to 25 hours per week. She did this before she asked any questions about his health (which is declining) or checked on his living arrangements. Or spoke with him. Or asked me how he was doing.
I am clueless as to what criteria she was using or what sort of measurement scale was implemented.
Our state has cut quite a bit of of money from the Senior Services budget, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Social Worker was told flat out to cut hours across the board.
Do have I have any recourse here? If anything, he needs more hours because he has moderate to advanced dementia, CHF, Renal failure, diabetes, missing toes, a broken ankle and a foot brace on the other foot. He can't remember how to take his own blood sugar. We have to walk him through it.


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Whenever services are reduced, at least here in Florida you have a right to request a hearing. I would ask the social Worker all the questions you posted, and she has to tell you your rights and what you can do. I would also speak to her supervisor. Also her supervisor also has a supervisor at the alliance for Aging. So you keep going up the chain of command.
Sometimes i have to call the elders affairs office at the state capitol to find answer. Fyi, i am always home for social Worker visits. I keep a copy of everything signed.
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