She never has enough supplies and has previously purchased her own so that she will have enough to get her through the week. This is just ridiculous. Why should an 89 year old woman have to be almost begging for supplies? She has to use 2 pads at a time to keep the urine from running down her legs. She normally takes the wettest pad off the top and replaces it with the pad that is underneath.They only want to give her a few to last the day. At times, mother has used folded up hand towels and wash cloths to keep from asking for more. She has alot of uninary infections and is miserable.They also tell her the supply room is closed on the weekend. We have talked to the supply clerk, nurses, Director of Nurses, and the Administrator...they will do better for a while and then go back to their old behaviors. Other than the supplies, we have very few concerns. The facility is kept clean, the staff for the is friendly, and she is one of the homes favorite residents. We don't want to cause problems, but would appreciate this being taken care of as soon as possible.

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I understand that you dont't want to cause problems. It is good to have the staff have good relations with your Mom. But not having enough pads is absurd and also unhealhy, and the UTIs demonstrate. (Would she be better off with Depends?) Since they do respond for a while after you talk with someone, I think you might try requesting better service in this regard again -- but this time in writing. Date the note, keep it friendly, thank them for the good job they are doing, but remind them that it is very important that your mother be kept dry and clean, to avoid UTIs. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them be sure Mom has enough supplies. If things improve, great. If they go back to their old ways, write another note, referring to the earlier note by date. You are establishing a paper trail, in case you have to escalate this to outside authorities. You don't have to say that --they will realize that immediately, and it may influence their behavior.

I hope you can get improvement without going outside the NH, but it two notes don't solve the problem, then I think the third note should include a cc: to the ombudsman in your state.

Good luck!
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my g-d----cheap on supplies? in a NH? that seems to be a contradiction of what a NH is supposed to provide--have you notified any health officials? city or state dept of health or dept of elderly-elderly abuse- social services?
this is not only absurd- this is abusive -or neglect- dangerous-they arent being clean-if they arent provinding enough pads for her- i wonder what else they
are not providing/.? i m just always suspicious of many NH- but its just my opinion-
keep at it, because its your moms health that is the main concern-
sending u huggggggs- we all need them---
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