They have driven back & forth for 15+ years, despite his wife's fear of an accident and requests to fly. His health & mental sharpness is decling some. Slower reflexes, difficulty seeing over the car's big hood & trunk, extra slow left turns-not yielding, getting lost at night, and instances of swerving onto the shoulders are some of the issues. We are not asking he give up his keys, simply limit driving to slower roads, short distances, and daytime only. He says no, even though my husband is willing to drive them back. He is a very strong willed, prideful man. What can we do?

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I have convinced my 84 yr old father to slow it down, take shorter trips, stay off the freeways, etc, by sharing with him my fear that he'll be in an accident involving someone else and if anyone were seriously injured he'd not only have to live with what he did, but he'd most likely be sued for way more then the insurance will pay. He prides himself on having enough to take care of his needs and still leave something to his children, but he could lose it all in one serious accident.
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