What is the lifespan of a person with early onset Parkinson's?


hai i am 37 yrs old i am suffering from early onset parkisions disease from past 13 years now doctor is advecing for operation it requries 20 lakhs which is not affordable by me i have not my father he is passed away my mother is 62 years old she is takeing care of me .at ths she requries care of mine but she is ts takeing care of me pls help me i

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Try medication first. Parkinson's can be very slow to progress. Your from India or Pakistan I am guessing. Keep moving; exercise every day. Yoga, meditation, some kind of strength training will help both your mind and body, and slow progression of the disease. Most of all have hope; gene therapy is showing amazing results. They might have a cure in your lifetime. Google www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/parkinsons_disease/parkinsons. It's the United States National instituite for Health's website, it will answer all your questions. Good luck,
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don't really know but look at michael j fox he has parkinson's and is getting ready to do another tv show. If you cannot afford what operations they want to do look into applying for medicaid, many prayers
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