Life expectancy for Parkinson's if the person is 88 and was diagnosed at 82?

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Complete lyrics bent over and demented.

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I can really answer your question because my mom did not die from her Parkinsons. She had Lewy body dementia and parkinsons. She was not mobile and had very little vocabulary at the end. She died from a brain bleed. I would ask the doctor all the time to let me know what the future held. I told her I knew it was coming but didn't want to wake up one day and say this is moms last day. She told me we were no where near the end yet. Mom ate very well, regular food, all vital signs were good and she was too healthy to be eligible for hospice. This went on for 3 years when we had this wonderful doctor who came to our house each month. Doctors don't like to give odds, statics, etc. think you could try having a heart to heart talk with the doctor saying you know nothing is exact but in his opinion...... Tell him you are trying to prepare for the future and make sure all family and friends have time to come see him. Good luck. Unfortunately you may have to read between the lines or ask many questions during this conversation.
She does not qualify for any assistance...has a couple of old small rental properties, currently rented below value based on neighborhoods..I've been told she would have to get rid of them for assistance. Just trying to make her money last.Hate to sell for nothing and live conservatively for 2-3 years when she could live better. .but hate to spend it all and can't take care of her at home anymore.
I totally understand. Try the doctor route, if not in person write a letter. If more then one doctor I would ask all of them. Good luck
Go to the search bar on top right of page and type in your question there, I just found similar questions that have been answered in the past.
My mother has had Parkinson's for 22 years. She was doing well until she broke her leg in 2005 and since then is wheelchair bound. She needs 24/7 care because she cannot walk, cook, stand, go to the bathroom by herself, etc.

Parkinson's is one of those diseases that affects everyone differently.
Thank you for the information .I've been reading all night. It's amazing how something in every post had something re-affirming...even if it was just wow someone else thought/did the same thing ,I'm not crazy/alone/dumb. .

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