My aunt has a lot of money, but I think she has delusional disorder. She says that a lady from her church is taking care of everything, but the lady says that is not true. She had life insurance, but dissolved it because she said she was not the beneficiary. I am her niece, the executor and I take care of all of her affairs, but she hates me and only uses me because I don't charge her. Her estate is going to a niece in another country.

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I read your post as there is an executor who is not yourself. Regardless, an executor only takes care of things AFTER the death. Is she also a POA for your aunt? A POA takes care of things for a living person and ends at their death. Most wills state that the funeral be paid for and any outstanding debts be paid before distribution to any beneficiaries. Unless you sign on as the responsible party, you would not be. If your aunt is cognitive, ask her how she wants her service handled. It may or may not be spelled out in her will.
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As I understand it, her final expenses come out of the estate before any payment to beneficiaries. You as executor would pay those expenses first (as well as any other debts) and what remains would be paid to her named beneficiaries.
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