What are the liabilities of having unlicensed staff in home? Our daughters want non-licensed CNAs to work with their father.


My husband may be coming home....His daughters want to have CNAs in to watch him alongside of their limited supervision. Is there a contract or something that you have these people sign before they work for you? My husband is over 400 lbs and has no bladder or bowel control. Vas dementia and intermittent delirium...Is it wise to even let him in the home? They have ordered expensive equipment, so that will be a good thing....He is unable to walk, can stand for transfer to chair....Any thoughts or help! It's hard finding a skilled nursing facility to take him due to weight....Thanks ahead of time!

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Thank you so much for your insight.....I should have said HIS daughters instead of ours....they are both RNs....but they work, so their time here would be limited...I think you are correct and he needs to be in a facility...I guess time will tell what happens, but good to know your helpful advice....God bless
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Speaking form experience, it would be in your husbands best interests to be in a facility. Do your daughters really know what they are in for? This is a monumental task that they are about to undertake.
Unlicensed and uneducated are two different things. You could have unlicensed help that could be very knowledgeable in pt. care. However, asking someone to transfer a very large pt. could result in injuries that you would be liable for.
Caregiving is difficult. Caregiving of a very large pt. is extremely difficult. You state that your husband is incontinent. This means that his skin is in danger of breakdown. He will need to be moved and bathed often. You will need two aides working together as one aide alone would contribute to a very unsafe environment for both aide and pt.
Now all that being said, it can still be done if your daughters have their hearts set on it. They can hire aides from an agency. These aides have some training but usually are not licensed. However you will not be liable if they injure themselves while working as you will not be their employer.
I hope these suggestions are of use to you. The best of luck to you and your family.
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