Hello ,

Husband has Lewy Body.


He started shaking in his hands, most days mild but other times uncontrollable. Also woke up with ice cold feeling in his legs from the knees down. Having a lot of indigestion at times. Several episodes of what he says feels like he’s choking. At times I feel his legs and ankles look like they have an orangish tint to them.

Is this normal with Lewy Body?

He was diagnosed 2 yrs. ago.

I feel it’s a slow progression.

Are these symptoms that the disease is progressing?

Any insight would be helpful.

Thank you.

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Agree with Grandma. This is a question for his neurologist or PCP.
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Can you contact his doctor? You could call or many doctors have a "patient portal" and you can ask questions that way it is secure and they should get back to you pretty fast. And calling or the email would be much safer at this point.
The shaking is common as are hallucinations and in some cases violence.
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