My husband has LBD and before he was diagnosed with it he was thought to have Alzheimer's and was placed on risperidone an anti-psychotics medication. Now that he is diagnosed with LBD they want to take him off of the risperidone because it is not good for people with LBD. When they do that he does not sleep well and has all kinds of weird dreams and imagines things that are not there . My question is am I wrong for wanting him to stay on the risperidone and maybe have a better quality of life even if it means a shorter life. Or should I take him off the meds and let him be very hard to deal with and not sleep well. the

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What do the doctors suggest instead of risperidone? Have you discussed his sleep issues with them? Lewy Body Dementia often includes a particular sleep disorder, rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD), and there are medical approaches to dealing with this.

LBD does involve some worse sensitivities to drugs than other kinds of dementia. It also reacts more successfully to some drugs. It is important that the doctor managing care is very familiar/experienced with LBD.

I'd go with quality of life over length, every time. But I don't think it is that cut-and-dried in most cases. Discuss your husband's overall treatment plan with his doctor. What can be tried instead of risperidone, that might be less risky for LBD? Are there other alternatives as well, in case that doesn't work out?
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