Posted earlier question about mom losing dads SS if he goes into NH. Got lots of great answers and advice. Now that we have an official diagnosis will he qualify for Medicaid ? As indicated before there are no assets other than 25k life ins to bury him and a little left over for mom. He also,gets $34.00 per month pension. ( wow)! Will there be any of his SS left for mom, she only gets $610. Per month SS . And with her memory problems too, she will not have anything to live on. Trying to contact local law school for, pro bono,help for a Miller Trust. Sis lives w them, is care provider 24/7. No sleep for her or mom. She has no income so there is no extra money. Please advise... I live in mass. They live in Palm Coast Fla and the laws there for seniors are crazy! Thank you.

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Social Security doesn't depend on the state. While your dad is alive, he gets his full SS and your mom gets half (unless she worked and had her own that is greater than half of his). When he dies, she gets his SS, but not both.

If your dad goes into a nursing home he should qualify for Medicaid considering their lack of assets. The life insurance policy will be looked at and they'll advise you about what to do with it. You may have to cancel the policy and take cash value if there is any.

State laws vary. But when a spouse goes on Medicaid they have what they call an impoverished spouse setup. She will be allowed a certain amount and Medicaid takes the rest. She won't have a lot, but they won't put her out in the street. It sounds to me like you need to start talking to the Medicaid people.
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